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Maharana Pratap Singh

Maharana Pratap, is the name of a glorious and towering personality, who is the embodiment of courage , bravery, self respect, patriotism and the spirit of independence. WE are proud of giving the world such a legendary figure. Such a person was ever born in this world is difficult to believe. Words fail to give a true discription of characteristics which immortalized him to be remembered with due respect and honour.

Born on 9 May, 1540 Maharana Pratap possess an excellent physique,character and sagacity along with high morality. He was enthroned in 1572 and struggled for the independence of his motherland and the preservation of Indian moral values till he breathed his last. In 1576,Maharana Pratap displayed unbounded courage and bravery in the battle of Haldighati. After the historical and decisive victory in the battle of Dewair in 1582, he led Mewar State on the path of social and cultural advancement and made Chawand his capital in 1585 . He left for his heavenly abode 409 years ago in 1597.

He personified divine qualities. His enlightening deeds still continue to shine brightly in the mind , heart and soul of Indian people. His name will continue to glitter in the pages of world history forever.
Hakim Khan Suri
Jhala Manna
Hakim Khan Suri
Jhala Manna

During the reign of Maharana Udai Singh ,Karbala warrior’s descendents, Hakim Khan Suri came to Mewar. He later on became a lieutenant of Maharana Pratap and fought bravely in the battle of Haldi Ghati. Hakim Khan fighting with Maharana pratap and Raja Man along with Akbar, clearly establishes the fact that the battle of Haldi Ghati was fought against imperialistic and expansionistic design, and it was not a communal one


Jhala Manna is an outstanding dazzling example of extraordinary valour, bravery and sacrifice who shrouded with the glory of struggle for freedom.In the battle of Haldi Ghati in 1576,jhala Maan decorated himself with the Crown and the royal emblem from Pratap and started fighting valiantly.

Jhala Maan has set a unique example of loyalty, bravery and courage by sacrificing his life to save the life of Pratap.

Bhama Shah
Rana Poonja
Bhama Shah

Bhama Shah made a mark in the history of Mewar .Son of Bharmal Kawadiya and born 450 years ago ,he is a matchless example of honesty, faith and duty. He was not only the treasurer of Pratap but also fought like a soldier when the need arose.Maharana Pratap was able to properly maintain his army of 25000 soilders for 12 years only because Bhama Shah has gifted his property and also a collection of 25Lakh rupees and 20000 gold coins from Maalpura during financial crises.


The Bhil warriors in the battle of Haldi Ghati, participated under the leadership of Rana Poonja. The enthusiastic Bhils worked as secret informers and running messengers In Mewar state the history of Guhil clan is full of daring deeds, the contribution of Bhil community is unforgettable . At the time of Ghuhaditya’s coronation the “Tilak ceremony was performed by the blood flowing from the thumb of Mandleek –a “Bhil” Sardar. ”

Due of this, royal emblem of Mewar State carries a Victory Tower which is flanked by a Rajput warrior on one side and “ a bow –arrow-bearing Bhil”, on the other.

Horse Fair at Haldighati

Chetak, the white horse of arabic breed had a short neck ,a tail with bushy dense hair ,narrow back , big eyes with sharp sight , sturdy shoulders, broad forehead and chest. This divine horse had balanced muscular body with an extremely attractive appearance blessed with flying legs.

Chetak had rare intelligence, restraint and courage coupled with unflinching faithfulness to his master.

Haldighati Tourism

Horse Fair-2007

5 December 2007

Day 1
10 am to 2 pm : Registration of Marwari Horses (Participants in Fair ) for various competitions at Mela Ground.
3 to 3.30 pm :Traditional Pooja and a tribute to Chetak, the loyal mount by the Horses of City Palace, Udaipur at Chetak Tomb.
3.30 pm to 5.30 pm :Procession of Marwari Horses from Chetak Tomb to Fair Ground Via Haldighati & Rakt Talai(Khamnore).
5.30 pm :Inauguration of Fair followed by Cultural Programme by renowned traditional Martial Art groups of different states of India. ( WZCC,Udaipur)

6 December 2007

Day 2
10 am to 2 pm : Various Competition of Horses

Best Marwari Stallion, Mare,Colt & Filly.
Best Dressed Horse & Best Dancing Horse.
Ballon bursting race, Endurance race, Article lifting.
Best Women rider & Reval Chal.
Best of the Show.
Closing Ceremony : Prize Distribution & Cultural Programme.

Organised by Department of Tourism and District Administration of Rajsamand.

Call us for More Details : Haldighati Tourism Society, Haldighati
+91 9413026791 (Kamal Paliwal) or Tourist Office , Udaipur


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